Dr. Andrew Newsome is a GREAT dentist! He is always pleasant and professional in performing his work….very up to date on the latest dental technology.

His staff is SUPERB! They, too, are very dedicated, reliable, friendly and professional!


Jeanne D. Manning
Dental Patient

I’ve been a patient since 1991.
Dr. Newsome is a great dentist. He has a loving and caring staff.

Joseph Murphy

For over twenty years I have gone to the dentist at Dr. Newsome’s office. His office has changed places twice. When I first went to see him, the office was in a small area. At that time he had not thought of giving out flowers. That is now his signature event. Each person who goes in walks out with a better smile and a beautiful flower!

Over the years, I have had new crowns on all of my molars. I had the old amalgam fillings in numbers. Dr. Newsome has always explained why I needed different treatments. He has treated me with respect for my intelligence. Dr. Newsome always talks throughout the procedures so I get to know what he is doing. This is an important part of the service he provides. He hates pain. Visits to the dentist should be enjoyed rather than dreaded.

The only sad moment that I’ve had was when he explained to me that my children would have to go to a pediatric dentist. Funny, I had never thought of any family member going elsewhere. The pediatric dentist he suggested was excellent. I was delighted when my children became old enough that they could go to Dr. Newsome. Now my children are nearly grown. I have one in College and a Junior in high school as well. Both of our families have grown up while I have been with this dentist.

Doctor Newsome has been repeatedly recognized by his peers in the field. If you want the best dentist, do use his services. He selects the best staff members he can find. Cleanings are both a pleasure and a learning experience. You will love it!

Carolyn Saltarella
Lifetime Patient

I’m retired from Grady Hospital and I love my dental team. .
He a great, gentle dentist and is up to date with the latest dental technology.

Julia Young